Entry DateMay 10, 2018
Job TitlePart-time HR Manager
CompanyMJS Packaging
Job Category
  • Part-Time
Job Description

As an industry leader for nearly 130 years, MJS Packaging is the longest running packaging distributer in North America. The Company is committed to dependably providing quality packaging products and expert packaging consultation serving a wide range of markets including Auto and Industrial, Drug and Vitamin, and Health and Beauty to name a few. MJS Packaging strives to provide exceptional customer service and hands-on community involvement to exceed their customers’ expectations.

The Position
The Company is hiring a Part-Time Human Resources Manager to handle all aspects of recruiting, onboarding, benefit administration, payroll and retention and training initiatives. This is a new position and requires someone to assist in building the HR functions from the ground up and who is comfortable working in both a support and a leadership role. This position has the opportunity to implement new initiatives that will positively impact the Company immediately and for the long-term.

Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, policy development and interpretation, employee performance management, retention initiatives, and payroll and benefit administration. The HR Manager will be the primary HR contact and should have a solid understanding of HR related laws and regulations. The HR Manager will have the opportunity to work with the Company’s HR Consulting organization for any initiative or issue that requires collaboration or additional resources.

The new HR Manager will work a consistent schedule of 24 hours per week. The Company is flexible and willing to work with the candidate to find a schedule that best suits both the candidate’s and the Company’s needs. This means that the Company is open to considering a schedule that is 3, 4 or 5 days a week and there are no set days that are required (though Monday is at least one preferred work day for the Company).

Preferred Experience, Skills, and Abilities
• Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or a related field
• 5+ years of HR management experience
• Experience in a sales-focused organization preferred, but not required
• Ability to work effectively with leaders and departmental managers
• Structured mentality and capability to wear many hats

Compensation, Benefits, and Structure
The position is part-time and permanent, with a competitive salary based on skills and experience. The position provides paid-time off, professional development opportunities, and a true work/life blend for candidates who require it.

The Recruitment Process
The recruitment process will include two phone screens, at least one in-person interview, candidate assessments, and a pre-employment background check. The process is designed to make sure that MJS and the candidates are aligned in their long-term goals and have shared core values.

MJS Packaging is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer!

LocationLivonia, MI

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